Los Angeles: luxury lifestyle

That’s the city ofJanuary, the City ofAngels!

An incredible melting pot of people, styles, way of living and cultures combined together to create one of the most famous cities of the world!

Davincivarese.com imagines a day to check the most interesting and trendy places to shop, to enjoy an excellent dinner and relax at the beach: let’s start with Malibu, a city with one of the most beautiful California’ beaches, filled with celebs and great shops, Planet Blue, Giselle and James Perse (for men), perfect to shop even during holidays!

After a day of shopping and relax at the beach there’s nothing better than an elegant dinner in the most exclusive LA restaurants: Il ristorante di Giorgio Baldi (loved by overseas celebs) or, if you love sushi, Katsuya Restaurant in West Hollywood.

Last but not least, enjoy yourself in West Sunset Boulevard for a cocktail, in the elegant atmosphere of the Bar Marmont, the most luxurious and unconventional lounge in Hollywood!

If you want to learn more about the most stunning cities of the world follow us on davincivarese.com 


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