Breakout actress: Emma Stone

Young, fresh (she’s only 23) and absolutely gorgeous, Emma Stone is the outstanding star of Hollywood!

Her career was launched in 2004, appearing in tv series as Medium, Malcom in the middle and Lucky Luie.After few years she got a regular role on Fox drama “Drive” but 2012 is undoubtely her year: at the last Golden Globes Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel ( 15th, January 2012) the 23-years-old actress was gorgeous, with a custom-made deep plum tulle siren gown with raspberry paneling, side insert and embroidered shoulder, Lanvin.

Make up, hair and her skin were flawless, the queen of the red carpet.

Thanks to her role in the movie “The Help” and her elegance wants to make her actress of the month!Stay tuned and find out who’s is going to be the next outbreaking actor/actress!

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