D’Orsay: inoubliable parfume

D’Orsay is elegance, sophistication and French allure: the maison created fairy and aristocratic perfume, the philosophy of the house is based on quality, character, seduction, originality and creativity.

Davincivarese.com selected three of the greatest fragrances; Tilleul D’Orsay is as intoxicating as youth and young trees in spring. The top notes include lemon blossom and watermelon. The heart contains cyclamen and linden blossom.

Etiquette Bleue is a great classic perfume created by the Count Alfred D’Orsay in 1830 to offer to his lover, the Lady Blessington. is an unisex fragrance, a fresh blend of citrus notes with a floral touch of orange blossom.

Arome 3 is an unisex fragrance launched in 1943 and the top notes are lavender, neroli, petit grain and bergamot, middle notes are coriander, jasmine, cloves, sage and ylang-ylang and base notes are amber, oakmoss and cedar.

Choose the right one for you to create an amazing retrò allure!


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