2012 Awards: worst dressed!

Always talking about best dressed Hollywood stars? Here are the four worst dressed, according to Davincivarese.com!

Let’s start with the Oscars… We chose Viola Davis (The help) in Vera Wang, the dress wasn’t so appropriate on her strong body, too much flounces, too much decolleté!

Let’s go back just a little in time and we found the winner for the worst dress at the Golden Globe 2012: we are talking about Sarah Michelle Gellar in a Monique Lhuillier frock; Her dress was chosen by her daughter because “it was so colorful and funny”! Memo for you Sarah: you’re beautiful and rich,every fashion designer would like to dress you, let them pick for you the right gown.


SAG awards are fashion, spunky dresses and shining stars, but there’s always someone wrong: this year was up to Heather Morris in Masai Payan gown; We didn’t understand the real sense of this dress, part leahter, part see-trough flounces, the only safe thing are Giuseppe Zanotti Design pumps.

Last but not least, Fergie at the Grammy’s: she’s so beautiful, with a very enviable hot body, this orange lace couture (Jean Paul Gaultier) is surely one-of-a-kind dress, but the black underwear, the gold accessories and the ponytail are bewildering, and the result remember of a flashy combination of details!

Gorgeous stars, awful outfits: sometimes wearing amazing well-finished dresses isn’t enough to look stunning.


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