Equipment… For your summer!

Don’t know how to dress during spring time? This is a problem for a lot of women who love comfort and don’t want to exceed in the city with too much beachy-looks!

Don’t worry because there’s an outfit that will never let you down: a soft blouse, jeans, flat sandals and oversize bags!

Now, about jeans you can choose between capri pants, skinny, flared jeans and so on… Oversize bags are essential (maybe just bring with you a cardigan for coldest days) and flat sandals are a good compromise (remember to have always a flawless pedicure!).

And blouses? Is so difficult to find a good garment to wear by day and night, that fits perfectly any situation… Davinci tried to find a solution, and here is Equipment!

SS collection is lively and fresh: bold shades of green, blue, white and pink, classic patterns (stripes and polka dots) and the most comfortable fabric, silk.

American celebs love these brand: after wearing it all day long you’ll fall in love too. Equipment is on!


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