rochas2Maison francese di moda e profumi, creata nel 1925 da Marcel Rochas, che inventa la “donna parigina” piccante, raffinata e determinata.

Lo stilista si rivolge alla femmina-dea chic e sensuale, svestendo il corpo dagli ornamenti eccessivi.

Negli anni propone trend e capi celebri come la guêpière di pizzo nero, abiti e sirena, corsetti, silhouette a clessidra che sottolineano la vita stretta e le spalle ampie, tessuti che accarezzano il corpo, maniche a kimono, gonne con le tasche e pantaloni urban-style.

Nel 2009 la moda di Rochas si rinnova con l’arrivo del direttore creativo Marco Zanini, legato alla demi-couture, che rilancia la griffe presentando un guardaroba semplice ed elegante, per una donna reale, femminile e contemporanea.

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From A to Z of style: handbags

Do you know the right definition of handbag? Techncally is a bag carried with hand and used since the eighteenth century! Today, handbags are the well-known “It” bags, which come in a multiplicity of shapes, sizes, colors and materials.

Conoscete la giusta definizione di handbag? Tecnicamente è una borsa portata al braccio e usata sin dal 18°secolo! Oggi le handbags sono le famose “It” bags, fatte in diverse forme, colori, taglie e materiali.

We are always looking for the best, to make you girls happy and to let you discover the greatest fashion designers: Ermanno Scervino created a very interesting SS collection, and the handbag we chose is a white patent leather with brown handle model, shining and comfortable, the perfect daily bag!

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J.Brand spring summer 2012

How much you know about J.Brand? The company was founded in 2005 by Jeff Rudes and in few years riched the success thanks to Hollywood celebrities who were wearing this fabolous jeans.

Quanto ne sapete a proposito di J.Brand? La compagnia è stata fondata nel 2005 da Jeff Rudes e in pochi anni ha raggiunto il successo grazie alle star di Hollywood che indossano questi jeans favolosi. 

Spring summer season 2012 suggests evergreen model, one for every kind of style! Still a 70’s fan? Don’t worry, J.Brand created Plum, a flared jeans available in beige or grey, so comfortable and trendy! Just pair it with patent leather wedges, bangles and big earrings, very radical chic!

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Evergreen, timeless elegance

Have you already seen the “evergreen” section on our site?

Avete gia dato un’occhiata alla sezione “evergreen” sul nostro sito?

Here you can find the most amazing garments, bags and accessories signed Herve Leger, J.Brand, Fendi, Equipment, Philippe Audibert  and many others.

Qui potete trovare i capi più incredibili, borse ed accessori firmati Herve Leger, J.Brand, Fendi, Equipment, Philippe Audibert e molti altri.

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Jimmy Choo Cruise collection 2012 loves to suggests you the most gorgeous and amazing creation of Jimmy Choo maison and this season Cruise collection 2012 is filled with timeless sandals: patent leather details, gold heels, weaving strapping and endless elegance. ama suggerirvi le più belle ed incredibili creazioni firmate Jimmy Choo e questa stagione la Cruise collection 2012 è ricca di sandali senza tempo: dettagli in vernice, tacchi dorati, lacci incrociati ed un’ eleganza infinita.

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From A to Z of style: design & dresses

Literally a dress is a “one-piece garment worn by women ang girls”.

And what about design? Is creativity, precision, passion, architecture and avant-gard trends. loves to suggest you gorgeous dresses: young or old it doesn’t matter, if you wear a nice, well-finished dress you’ll be the star of your events and nights.  Continue reading

From A to Z of style: Crinoline

The historian C. Willett Cunnington used to say “ It symbolized in concrete form that woman was beginning to occupy larger spaces in social world” and actually crinoline was meant to give an astonishing sense of freedom to bold spirit who wore it.

Originally it was made by coarse hair – usually from a horse – which was woven to make heavy petticoats to wear beneath long skirts.

In 1856 was manufactured a lightweight flexible structure that resembled a steel cage. Crinoline was revived in late 30’s and then for spring/summer season 1985 with Vivienne Westwood “mini-crini”.

Nowadays crinoline is still worn, usually as part of  formal outfits, such as an evening gown or a wedding dress. The volume of the skirt is not as great as during the Victorian era and flounces enhance the garment.

Lo storico C. Willett Cunnington diceva che “simboleggia in concreto lo spazio magggiore che la donna sta cominciando ad occupare nel mondo” e in effetti la crinoline è stata pensata per dare alle donne un forte senso di libertà agli spiriti vivaci che la indossavano.

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From A to Z of style: Black!

Black can be defined as “the visual impression experienced when no visible light reaches the eye”. But fashionistas know that the violent accent of black makes it the most elegant colour: it is neither  happy, nor sad, but it is allure and elegance, perfect and necessary!

How much of you have a LBD (little black dress) in their own wardrobe? As a short quote used to say on 1926 American Vogue: “ The Chanel Ford – the frock that all the world will wear”.

Women think of every colour, except the absence of colour: has a great selection of black dresses, shoes and accessories, because that’s the colour of absolute beauty.

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Paint your lips!

Fashion password of this winter: lipstick!

This season lips are the main protagonists of the most stunning outfits, and will suggests you the hottest trends!

A classic red lipstick is a good choice, by night you can wear it with classy outfits or more urban-style looks. We suggest you Rouge G de Guerlain n° 26, available in all perfumery.

If you are looking for a stronger look you need darker shades, perfect to contrast pale skin and delicate eye make up: Lancome Le Rouge Absolu Bordeaux is awesome, an intense and impeccable burgundy.

If you prefer the nude style you can wear gorgeous nude-effect lipstick to enhance the volume of your lips and get a timeless look: Tom Ford Lip Color n° 12  is creamy, a light nuance to match with brown shades for the eyes.

Enjoy winter times with unique looks!