Markus Lupfer: London’s point of view

Markus Lupfer, the eccentric British fashion designer, loves to create unconventional garments, filled with sequins, colorful patterns, laces and rare fabrics. want to suggest you this tris mini dress, a well-finished creation with sophisticated details: it’s so easy to pair, with lace-up heels, pumps or ankle boots and silver accessories.

If you want to complete the look you can wear a dark-shades cloche hat, to combine perfectly Markus Lupfer contemporary design to vintage feelings.

Markus Lupfer is waiting for you on!

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Do you like excessive and stilish looks? Here’s a total outfit signed, a mix of sequins, skulls and rock-inspired details, ready?

A cotton t-shirt with a shining sequins skull: that’s Markus Lupfer creation, a rocky review of a basic garment we decided to pair with a one-of-a-kind grey wool pencil skirt signed Vince that tightly fits your shapes.

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