From A to Z of style: handbags

Do you know the right definition of handbag? Techncally is a bag carried with hand and used since the eighteenth century! Today, handbags are the well-known “It” bags, which come in a multiplicity of shapes, sizes, colors and materials.

Conoscete la giusta definizione di handbag? Tecnicamente è una borsa portata al braccio e usata sin dal 18°secolo! Oggi le handbags sono le famose “It” bags, fatte in diverse forme, colori, taglie e materiali.

We are always looking for the best, to make you girls happy and to let you discover the greatest fashion designers: Ermanno Scervino created a very interesting SS collection, and the handbag we chose is a white patent leather with brown handle model, shining and comfortable, the perfect daily bag!

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