Urban chic: how to do it

What is urban chic? Everybody talks about this way of living the day and the night, but actually, what are we talking about?

Davincivarese.com today is going to teach you what to wear to reach the perfect urban chic style, from head to toe! Urban style it’s all about the looks of the great cities, combination of denim, hot blazer but also oversize sweater and bold tops and t-shirts.

Shoes are essential to pair with denim, an appropriate choice are flat knee-length boots or shocking heels. Ovviously accessories make the difference: the right jewels paired with street style will bring the right “chic” touch to your look, multichain necklace is a good choice, metal cuff bacelets and – during winter time – funny hats!

Our site have the greatest garments to bulid up an urban chic look, enjoy yourselves creating the right one for you!

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